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This is a 186 12v Engine Voltage Regulator

This is for a 186 12v Engine Voltage Regulator. This voltage regulator is most commonly mounted externally on the engine and used in the 12v charging system. This voltage regulator is used to regulate the voltage that is used to charge your battery and the voltage that engages your starter. It is most commonly found on remote start diesel engine generators but it is also used on many other types of small equipment.

This AVR has a total of 3 wires. 2 wires run into a T style plastic connection plug with blades that are turned opposite directions. The other wire has a single female connection. Sold older versions of this part have 4 wires instead of 3. The 4th wire is often a black wire with a eyehole connector. That wire is a ground wires that was needed on the older styles of this part. Our modern day part is internally grounded through the case so the 4th wire is not needed on any unit.

If your battery is not holding charge and the battery has tested good this part is the most likely issue. We do suggest testing the battery when trying to locate the reason for it not holding a charge. If you starter is not functioning this part can also be a cause of that issue. If the starter goes bad, you replace the starter, and still have the same issue of the starter not engaging this part is more than likely the issue. Our part has the inline fuse to protect the rest of the electrical system. If you starter has went bad and this part does not have the inline fuse most likely that part is failing and caused the starter to fail. If you voltage regulator does not have an inline fuse we strongly suggest changing the part to one that does.

Due to the cost of a diesel engine starter and the likely circumstance that this part has caused the starter to go bad we sell these parts together. As stated before, if your does not have an inline fuse we strongly suggest changing it for one that does. Buy both parts in a package to get a better price on both parts!


Size: 3″ Long x 2-3/4″ Wide x 1″ Thick
Connection: 2 Bolt
Bolt Hole Type: Slotted
Bolt Hole Spacing: 2-1/2″ on Center
Wires: 3
Electrical Connection: 1 – 2 Blade Plug | 1 – 1 Blade Plug
Inline Fuse: Yes
Voltage Output: 12v

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Additional information


Universal 12v Engine AVR





Electrical Connection

2 Wire T plug and Single Female Connection Wire

Mounting Bolt Connection

2 Slotted Bolt Holes 2-1/2" from Center to Center


Internally Grounded

Inline Fuse