500 Wholesale Generator Carbon Brush



This is a Wholesale lot of 500 Generator Carbon Brush

This is a lot of 500 generator carbon brush assemblies. This part is a universal type part that is used in brush type generator heads. This brush has 2 carbon sticks and 2 spade terminals, a positive and a negative. If your generator has no output this part is one of the most common issues. This style of carbon brush will work as a replacement for any carbon brush that it resembles.

Your carbon brush can be seen in the end of the generator head. The 2 single wires on the AVR connect to the positive and negative spades on the brush. To locate the brush simply remove the cover off the end of the generator head. The carbon brush will be connected to the wires on the AVR. Once located, make sure that your carbon brush is making contact. Also make sure the wires are attached properly.

This carbon brush has 2 – 1/4″ diameter holes for mounting. The holes are spaced on 1″ centers. The first brush is roughly 5/8″ from the backside of the brush. The carbon sticks are spaced on 5/8″ centers. If needed you can use spacers to allow the brushes to make contact.

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