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This is a 5kw Round AVR Voltage Regulator

This is for a 5kw round style AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator and generator carbon brush. The voltage regulator in this kit is intended for use in generators with a 4kw to 10kw rating. These parts are universal type of parts that are used in many different brands and models of generators.

The AVR has a 4 blade large plastic plug connector and 2 single female connections for the carbon brush. Many different generators use this style of AVR but there are a few factors. Some brands and models use a different style for accessories such as a remote starter. All generators are either brush style or brushless. A brush style generator will use a carbon brush and a voltage regulator. Brushless style generator have no carbon brush and use a capacitor instead of an AVR. If you are not positive what you need it is always best to remove the AVR and compare before buying.

If your generator stops producing power the AVR is one of the most common issues. You may replace this voltage regulator and still not have power output or low output. This means you may have more than one issue. Please view the Additional Details tab on the left of the page and review our Repair Notes at the bottom for some helpful information. If you still do not have output feel free to contact us

We always suggest that you change your carbon brush at the same time as you change the voltage regulator. This style of carbon brush is used in hundreds of brands and models of generators. If you carbon brush looks similar to this one then it will work for your application regardless of make, model, or rating


Rating: 4kw to 10kw
Shape: Round / Half Moon
Electric Connection: 6 Wire (4 Blade Quick Connect & 2 Single Wires)
Bolt Connection: 2 Bolt – 5-1/2″ Center to Center
Capacitor Rating: 250v | 470uF
Size: Length – 6-1/8″ | Height – 2-1/2″ | Thick: 7/8″ (Case Only)
Adjustable: Yes


Style: Universal
Mounting Bolt Hole: 1/4″
Mounting Bolt Spacing: 1″ on Center
Carbon Sticks: 2 @ 1/4″ x 3/16″
Distance from Edge to 1st Brush: 3/4″
Distance Between Brushes: 7/16″ on Center
Electric Connection: 2 Single Blade Connectors

This avr and brush kit will ship from within the US. All orders ship next business day after cleared payment. We offer several different shipping methods with different delivery times. Please review the shipping tab above this text for more information including handling time, shipping options, USPS information, UPS information, and more

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All parts are universal parts and are not intended to be represented as OEM parts but represented as parts that are direct replacement parts for specific brands and models, including but not limited to generators and other small engine powered equipment. Generator Parts World will offer a 90 replacement warranty of any part purchased from us under our 90 day replacement policy

Additional information

Weight8 oz



Round / Half Moon


4kw to 10kw

Electrical Connection

4 Blade Quick Connect Plug & 2 Single Spade End Connections

Mounting Bolt Connection

2 Bolts – 5-1/2" Apart Center to Center

Main Capacitor Rating

250v / 470uF


Length – 6-1/8" – Height – 2-1/2" – Thick: 7/8" (Case Only)



Compatible Models

BM903655, HG0960A, HG5000, HG5022P, HG5700, HG6000, HGCA1400, HGCA3000, 3000, HGCA4500, HGCA5000, UT905700, UT9C5000D, PS906800S, PS906811P, PS906811PA, UT905000SA, UT90680S, UT906800S, UT905700, UT905000S, UT905000P, PS9C5001, PS906025P, PS906025A, PS906025, PS7000, PS5000B, PS5000, PS10700, PS907000A, PS907000, PS906811P-H, HG5700, HG5022P, HG5000, BM907000B

Repair Notes

While it is often the case that replacing an AVR requires no more than installing the new part this is not always the case. Please review our repair notes below that cover common issues that may occur when replacing * Less than 120v Output – It is often the case that a new AVR will need to be adjusted for the unit it is being placed in as all units can produce slightly different. All of our AVR's are adjustable using the small brass screw in the small blue box on the back side of the AVR * No voltage after installation – There can be several reason as to why a generator will not show or produce voltage after a new AVR is installed. The most common issues are the + and -, positive and negative, wires connecting to the brush assembly being crossed, the 4 blade plug not making a good connection, an old carbon brush being bad or worn out, or the carbon brush connection area being dirty or corroded. There are several other reasons that your generator may not have output after installing a new AVR, including the head being bad. If you are having this issue check everything stated above and if you are still having that issue contact us for further assistance We always suggest when changing an AVR that you also change the carbon brush. We sell every AVR we stock in a lot with a carbon brush in our eBay store Many brands and models can be brush style or brushless and some brands and models can change parts without any notice or documentation. We always suggest that you remove your old AVR and compare it to ours prior to purchase. You can always send us a photo of your AVR and ask us to match it and send you a link for purchase If you experience any of these issues or other issues with your generator repair feel free to contact us for further assistance. While we are happy to provide this assistance. Please remember that many repair shops charge for repairs while we offer the assistance for just buying a part and we help lots of customers so please be patient when contacting us for help

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