Bosch W0133-1620813 Diesel Fuel Pump 12v Solenoid



This is a Bosch W0133-1620813 Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Solenoid

This is for a diesel fuel injection pump solenoid for years 1989-1993. This part is used as an electric shutoff on electronic diesel fuel pumps. This is a direct replacement for many different brands and models. This solenoid is used on pumps that are found on 6hp to 10hp diesel engines. These engines fall within the 186, 178, and 170 engine style groupings. Those engines are also equivalent to the Yanmar L100, L90, L75, and L70 among other engine models.

This solenoid is threaded on one end and will thread into your existing pump. The solenoid one has the one screw terminal on top for the electrical connection.The solenoid is an on off style of part so there is no adjustment needed after installation. The fuel pump can be adjusted by adding or removing pump shims.

If your fuel pump isn’t working currently you can test it. Remove the fuel line from the injector to see if you are getting fuel. You should also be able to hear the solenoid running. If you do not have fuel and can’t hear the pump running you need to replace either the pump or solenoid. If your generator or engine has a lot of hours on it you may want to just replace the whole pump. It is also a good practice to test the voltage going to the solenoid prior to replacement.

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