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This is a CAT RP3600 Engine Ignition Coil

This is for a CAT RP3600 gas engine ignition coil. This ignition coil is used on a wide variety of engines from 4hp to 9hp but there are some exceptions. It is very common for ignition coils to be marked for the main engine family they are made for, such as 168 or 188. However these coils will work for engines both above and below the main engine family.

The coil for sale here is a 168 engine coil. This coil appears to be close in appearance to the 188 and other coils but can be identified by bolt hole spacing and physical shape. If you are not sure which coil you need a good way to identify yours is simply comparing the physical look and bolt hole spacing as these will almost always be different from coil to coil. This coil mounts with 2 bolts through the body and has a single quick connect wire as well as the spark plug wire.

Most of the time the old rule of thumb with coils is true. You can gap the coil the thickness of a business card from the flywheel to get good spark. There can be other variables though that call for a more precise method. If using a business card doesn’t work then look up the ignition coil gap in your owners manual for your unit and use a feeler gauge to set the gap. Once the gap is set then use the feeler gauge again to ensure that you have the correct gap.

We offer this ignition coil by itself or in larger kits with other parts that may be needed to repair your small equipment such as spark plugs, fuel cocks, and carburetors. View the pricing and photos of these kits by selecting your needs from the drop down menu above.


Engine Type: Gas
Hole Spacing: 2-5/16″ Center to Center
Hole Type: Slotted
Slotted Hole Size: 1/2″ Tall x 1/4″ Wide

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Additional information

Engine Type

Gas Engine

Connection Bolt Spacing

2-5/16" Center to Center

Hole Type


Hole Size

1/2" Tall by 1/4" Wide

Connection Type

1 Wire Quick Connect