Champion CSA40036 5Kw Round AVR Voltage Regulator




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This is a Champion CSA40036 5kw Round AVR Voltage Regulator

This is a round style AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator. This voltage regulator is intended for use in generators with a 4kw to 10kw rating. This AVR is a universal type of part that is used in many different brands and models of generators.

This AVR has a 4 blade large plastic plug connector and 2 single female connections for the carbon brush. Many different generators use this style of AVR and the small rectangle style interchangeably. It is best to replace your AVR with the same style but if you have had issue then you may want to consider the other style.

If your generator stops producing power the AVR is one of the most common issues. First check that your carbon brush assembly is making contact. If the brush is making contact visually inspect your AVR for burnt spots or blown capacitors.

If your voltage regulator is defective this may not be your only issue. An AVR should last for at least 2000 hours in any generator. If your AVR does not have this much time used then you may have another issue. The most common other issue is moisture in the head, causing current to jump. Any replacement AVR may need to be adjusted when replacing.


Rating: 4kw to 10kw
Shape: Round / Half Moon
Electric Connection: 6 Wire (4 Blade Quick Connect & 2 Single Wires)
Bolt Connection: 2 Bolt – 5-1/2″ Center to Center
Capacitor Rating: 250v | 470uF
Size: Length – 6-1/8″ | Height – 2-1/2″ | Thick: 7/8″ (Case Only)
Adjustable: Yes

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