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This is an JVS 20uF Round Capacitor

This is for an JVS 20uF capacitor. This capacitor, like many other capacitors, use an original model number of CBB61. Generators come in 2 different types, brush style and brushless. If your generator has a carbon brush assembly then you have a brush style with an AVR. If your generator does not use a brush then you need a capacitor for voltage output.

One of the most important electrical ratings is the microfarad rating, which is symbolized with as uF. To find the right capacitor compare the size, style, and electrical ratings. This capacitor connects to the system with the 2 small prongs on the side. The capacitor is rated 20uF, it will work for 50/60 Hz, with a max capacity of 450 VAC.

All capacitors are + / – 5%, meaning the hard rating will be over 5% and under 5% of the uF rating. With generator capacitors you want to stay as close as you can to the original rating. You can however use a capacitor with a larger uF rating but do not go as high as possible, stay as close to original as possible. You can always use one with a larger rating but never one with a lower rating. For example, never us a 16uF capacitor to replace a 20uF capacitor but you can always use a 24uF to replace a 20uF.


Style: Universal
Model: CBB61
Style: Round / Half Moon
Microfarad (uF): 20uF
Voltage: 450 VAC
Hertz (Hz): 50/60
Connection: 2 Quick Connect

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Additional information


Round / Half Moon

Connection Type

2 Quick Connect Terminals

Part Number


Microfarad (uF)

20uF +/- 5%

Volts AC

450 VAC

Hertz (Hz)

50 / 60 Hz

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