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This is a Duracell DG65M generator carbon brush. This brush is a universal part so it is the most common carbon brush used in brush type generators. If you carbon brushes looks like this one it will replace it and function as it should. The brush has 2 carbon sticks and 2 spade connections. The terminals are typical positive and negative connections. If your generator has lost power output this part is one of the most common issues but may not be the only issue. Since there can be multiple issues testing is always suggested during a repair. However, in many cases testing can be done visually.

Your carbon brush can be found in the generator head and is easy to remove. The 2 single wires on the AVR connect to the positive and negative spades on the brush. To locate the brush simply remove the cover off the end of the generator head and locate the AVR. The carbon brush is connected to wires on the AVR and is located near the center shaft in the head. Once located, make sure that your carbon brush is making contact and make sure the wires are attached properly. If the brushes are not making contact and all wires are connected properly the brushes may need replaced. The brush should be marked which terminals are positive and negative. Most voltage regulators are also marked however some are not. You will not cause damage by crossing positive and negative connection. However we do suggest looking for the markings during repair.

These brushes have 2 holes that are 1/4″ in diameter and are spaced 1″ apart. The first carbon stick is 5/8″ from the backside of the brush. The carbon sticks are spaced on 5/8″ centers and the same length from the body. Sometimes spacers are needed for a proper fit but most often they are not. This carbon brush is a very easy and direct replacement. For exact details and measurements click the Additional Information tab above.

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Additional information



Mounting Bolt Hole


Mounting Bolt Spacing

1" on Center

# of Carbon Sticks


Carbon Stick Size

1/4" x 3/16"

Length from Edge to 1st Brush


Distance Between Brushes

7/16" on Center

Electric Connection

2 – Single Spade Terminals

Shipping Location

United States

Compatible Models

JVS2500D, JVS3500SL, JVS5000D, JVS5000SD, JVS5000SL

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