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This is a MEP-016D Mechanical Fuel Pump

This is for a MEP-016D Mechanical Fuel Pump. This fuel pump is a mechanical style of fuel pump that does not have shutoff solenoid. This fuel pump works exactly the same as the electrical style pump that is used on many electronic units.

This pump has 2 port. The port for the hard fuel injector line at the top and a return port on the side. This is a right side port. If you are looking at the pump with the return port coming out at you the port is located on the right side. Typically this return port points out or away from the engine block. As long as you have the proper spacing and a long enough fuel line the return port location doesn’t matter.

With many of our items shipping costs are a large part of the cost. We can offer better prices for buying multiple items at the same time. For that reason we offer this fuel pump with 2 of the most common injectors. Click on the Additional Information tab on the left of your screen to view the specifications for each of these injectors!

There are a few things to keep in mind when replacing the fuel injector in your diesel engine. Please read the different notes below

  • There are 4 common types of fuel injectors for small diesel engines that are easily identifiable by the port location
  • The return port needs to be in the same position as the one that is currently in you unit. The nozzle length is different for different injectors but it is often the case that if you match the port location the nozzle length is often the same
  • The large port in the injector is for the intake line from the pump to the injector. Some lines use this port while some lines screw into the injector body. If your injector screw straight into the body you can still use this injector by removing the large port adapter from the injector body
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Additional information

Fuel Pump Type


Pump Intake Port Location


Pump Return Port Location

Right Side

Right Port Injector Length


Right Port Injector Body Length


Right Port Injector Nozzle Length


Right Port Injector Return Port Orientation

135 Degrees

Left Port Injector Length


Left Port Injector Nozzle Length


Left Port Injector Return Port Orientation

90 Degrees