Universal Diesel Oil Filter


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Diesel Oil Filter at Generator Parts World

This is a Universal Diesel Oil Filter

This is for a universal diesel engine oil filter. This oil filter is an internal filter that is located at the bottom of the engine casing. The filter is mounted using a single screw that inserts in the hole that is located in the head of the filter so it is secure.

Changing the oil filter in your small diesel engine is critical to preserving the life of your diesel engine. A small diesel engine, typically in the 170, 178, or 186 engine family, can last for thousand of hours but the oil and filter MUST be changed every 100 hours to see this kind of life out of the engine. Once the oil is broke down or gathers too much debris it will cause excess heat in the engine. Excess heat and bad oil will cause excess wear to the engine block which will decrease the life or even cause sudden failure. However, changing the oil filter is just as important as the oil itself.

There also is a small o ring that needs to be on the oil filter to create a tight seal and prevent leakage. A new o ring is always included with any oil filter we sell as opposed to other places that sell the o ring as a separate item.

This oil filter will ship for FREE from our US warehouse. Your order will ship next business day with tracking uploaded to PayPal and to you order here on our website. Your package will ship using a USPS service with a delivery time of 3 to 5 days from cleared payment!

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All parts are universal parts. Any part we sell is not intended to be represented as an OEM part. All brands and models listed are done so to direct customers to direct replacement parts. The brand and models listed include but are not limited to generators or any other small engine powered equipment. All parts sold by Generator Parts World are our own brand of aftermarket parts. All of our parts are also manufactured to perform or outperform any OEM part. Generator Parts World will offer a 90 replacement warranty of any part purchased from us under our 90 day replacement policy

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Additional information

Filter Type


Mounting Style

Single Bolt

Filter Location


O Ring


Compatible Models

LDG2200CL, LDG3500CL, LDG3600CL, LDG3600S, LDG5500LE, LDG-5000, LDG5000S, LDG5000CL, LDG5500X, LDG6000CL, LDG6000S, LDG6500CL, LDG6500S, LDG7500LE, LDW180A

Shipping Location

United States

Shipping Info

All orders will ship from one of our locations within the US, most commonly from Missouri. All orders ship next business day after cleared payment. Business days are Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays.

Our 2 Day Express option may use different carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, or Amazon to offer the best delivery time available. The tracking for your order will be uploaded to PayPal and your order details here on our website. If you need your parts as fast as possible explore on of the shipping options detailed below. All estimated delivery dates below are the estimated time it will take to deliver your order once it ships.

Shipping Within the United States

Free Shipping using First Class Mail: 4 to 6 day delivery
USPS Priority Mail Service: 2 to 4 day delivery
USPS Express Service: 1 to 2 day delivery
UPS Ground Service: 1 to 4 day delivery
2 Day Express Service: 1 to 2 day delivery


Shipping Outside the United States

USPS First Class to Canada: Estimated 10 Days

USPS First Class Worldwide: Estimated 14 to 21 Days


In October of 2021 USPS slow mail delivery on First Class Mail and other services. Please be aware of possible delays by all carriers at peak times such as holidays. Below are some links that can be helpful in identifying delivery times to your location, holiday schedules, and possible delays by the 2 most common carriers we use, USPS and UPS.

USPS Service Alerts

USPS Holiday and Event Schedule

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UPS Ground Shipping Time Map

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